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On this page you will find customized applications and firmware for AL Priority® parking sensors.

Terms of Use

Some foreign focused signal laser sources operating on the same 905nm frequency, such as Laser Range Finders, police Laser Speed Measuring equipment or Laser Cruise Control systems, can cause interferences to AL Priority® parking system. Thus we have developed firmware solutions incorporating defense mechanisms to avoid interferences from such laser sources. As a side-effect, Laser Speed Measuring devices may not be able to the read speed of the vehicle AL is installed in. Use of our firmware, in regards to mentioned side-effects, may fall within specific local laws or regulations, so please check your local laws before installing our firmware. We do not condone misuse of our firmware for the purpose of speeding. You hereby agree of being solely responsible for the way you use our firmware.

Software licensing agreement
Technology incorporated in AL brand of products and software is protected with patents, copyrights, industrial designs and trademarks, and these rights are not transferable. Incorporated patent rights: HR P20040769; ZAP/2010/8418; US 8,309,926; EP2277060; DE 60 2008 021 559.8; DK2277060, HU E017973; AUS 2008355569; WO 2015128682 A1; US 8,786,490; CA2939856A1, US 9,500,744; and others. Original AL sensor design is a registered industrial design at WIPO, DM 079630-0001. All intellectual property rights are reserved to it's legal proprietor. By accessing the alpupdate.com website you are granted to a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use of it's firmware limited to use with your privately owned original AL product only. You agree not to attempt to duplicate it in any way without the written permission of it's legal owner, and you are prohibited from using the firmware in any manner other than as described above.
Should you be found in breach of the terms given herein your access to this website and it's firmware will be instantly prohibited without notice.